Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can't win em all

Fairly sure this hand played itself but I'll run the odds later.

Poker Stars $0.10/$0.25 Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 8 players

MP1: $22.60

MP2: $15.25

CO: $22.50

Hero (BTN): $25.20

SB: $22.85

BB: $30.80

UTG: $25.70

UTG+1: $25.90

Pre Flop: ($0.35) Hero is BTN with J of diamonds Q of hearts T of clubs 9 of clubs

2 folds, MP1 calls $0.25, MP2 calls $0.25, CO calls $0.25, Hero calls $0.25, SB calls $0.15, BB checks

Flop: ($1.50) Q of clubs J of clubs 3 of hearts (6 players)

SB checks, BB checks, MP1 checks, MP2 checks, CO bets $0.50, Hero raises to $2.50, SB calls $2.50, BB folds, MP1 folds, MP2 folds, CO raises to $11.45, Hero raises to $24.95 all in, SB calls $20.10 all in, CO calls $10.80 all in

Turn: ($68.95) 8 of hearts (3 players - 3 are all in)

River: ($68.95) 3 of diamonds (3 players - 3 are all in)

Final Pot: $68.95

CO shows Q of diamonds Q of spades 5 of clubs 5 of hearts (a full house, Queens full of Threes)

Hero shows J of diamonds Q of hearts T of clubs 9 of clubs (a straight, Eight to Queen)

SB shows 9 of diamonds K of clubs 6 of diamonds A of clubs (a pair of Threes)

Hero wins $0.70

CO wins $65.25

(Rake: $3.00)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A new strategy for Rush

When I start up a game, I sort the playing field by tables and take notes on all those playing the maximum four tables. The advantages I can see are:
- they are typically tough regulars and winning players
- because they're playing 4 tables, I'm going to see them often.
- their blinds are likely vulnerable.
- if they open raise, i can tighten my range accordingly.
- if they open in the CO or button, I can widen their opening range for a 3-bet.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A little tournament action

Last night I took a visitor staying at our place to a local freeroll. He’s a microstakes grinder but has never played in a ‘real’ tournament before. As fate would have it, he finished a very credible sixth out of the eighty something runners and had the time of his life.

My tournament didn’t go quite so well. At the end of the first session I hadn’t won a hand. My best hole cards were A8o in UTG+1 which i planned to raise until UTG (uber tight/card dead also) lead out. The bad run continued after the break until i finally found a good ‘situation’.

My stacked was 2200 with the blinds at 100/200. My image was super tight as I’ve been folding napkins all night. The table was hyper loose/aggressive and would call virtually any raise. It was actually quite a strange table as typically they play loose/passive as my visitor friend soon found. As i was in the BB, I quickly glanced at my cards and saw J8 diamonds. Early position (clueless, any two, old guy) open limps, two more limp behind then the SB caps his option. Perfect spot I think to myself. Hold my cards snugly like i have pocket aces, i carefully avoid eye-contact then confidently slide my 2200 across the felt announcing “I’m all in guys”.

The old guy that open limped snap calls for most of his stack. Everyone else quickly mucks.

“WTF?!?!“ I think. Did he limp with a monster hand?

I proudly table my J8, “Hey, its suited”. My opponent tables QT of diamonds. “Damn, there goes my suits and straight draws. Lovely”. Still, I’m not that far behind.

The flop give me the 8. (“Ha, i think, now you’re drawing to a Queen or Ten”)

The turn brings the Jack. (“Ha, I think, now you’re only drawing to a....)

The river flips the 9.


PS I did take a few notes while spotting my friend make a run at the final table.

A couple of tips i picked up watching you play. Thought i might brain dump it while its fresh.
- In a casino you can’t lift your cards off the table either onto the rail or as you saw some do, to your chest. Always protect your cards either with your hand or with a chip. It’s not uncommon for your hole cards to get swept into the muck accidently.
- Keep your chips close to you. You had yours closer to the pot than to you.
- Best not to say anything at all in a hand. You almost scared ‘green shirt’ away from your double up when you said ‘It’s only 6k more’ or something. If you want to spread misinformation and look nervous, you could hold your cards loosely like its 72o and not AA, lean back from the table and maybe fold your arms. (Joe Navarro’s book on body language is awesome – not just on picking tells but more importantly not giving them away. I had a really obvious tell which was foot tapping when i had a playable hand. )
- It’s personal preference, but i prefer to wait before looking at my hold cards until the action is on me. Or for a friendly game, so i don’t hold up play i look just before the action gets to me. The main reason is to watch the action and pick up tells. You’d be surprised how much people give away.

Congrats on playing really well and making a final table!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pretty obvious really

My notes on my opponent are "any 2 pre, weak on flop, can fold by river"

There is of course, only one hand he can possibly have by the river.

Poker Stars $0.10/$0.25 Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 8 players

The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

Hero (CO): $25.65

BTN: $24.65

SB: $48.05

BB: $21.65

UTG: $26.15

UTG+1: $26.45

MP1: $48.35

MP2: $24.80

Pre Flop: ($0.35) Hero is CO with T of clubs J of diamonds 2 of clubs A of diamonds

3 folds, MP2 calls $0.25, Hero calls $0.25, BTN calls $0.25, SB calls $0.15, BB checks

Flop: ($1.25) 6 of diamonds 7 of diamonds J of hearts (5 players)

SB bets $0.50, BB folds, MP2 calls $0.50, Hero calls $0.50, BTN folds

Turn: ($2.75) 3 of diamonds (3 players)

SB bets $0.75, MP2 folds, Hero raises to $3, SB calls $2.25

River: ($8.75) A of clubs (2 players)

SB bets $8.35, Hero calls $8.35

Final Pot: $25.45

Hero mucks T of clubs J of diamonds 2 of clubs A of diamonds

SB shows 6 of hearts 4 of diamonds 5 of diamonds 8 of hearts (a straight flush, Three to Seven)

SB wins $24.20

(Rake: $1.25)

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