Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's been a pretty rough week for me health-wise. After going for a jog a while back, I felt a bit on an ache in my left foot. Of course I ignored it and continued on, only to find the next week I was hobbling around on an extremely sore foot. Then i went to see the Doc about a persistent little dot I'd had on the end of my nose for most of this year. As it turns out, it was a nasty little skin cancer which fortunately they'd caught early. Not early enough to save me from a non-too insignificant scar down the bridge of my nose consisting of 6 stitches. And of course, while struggling with what then became a slightly infected wound I ended up with the mother of all head colds. Trying to expel a pound of snot with several stitches on your nose really is some task. Yep, it was all a bit much for a while there.

And yet, while waiting in the surgery to get the stitches out I saw a guy about my age with a scar running from above his eyebrow to just below his ear - apparently he had the same thing but hadn't caught it early.

And then, to put all that in perspective there's also Thuy:

Then i feel grateful for all that I have and i put in a quiet word to the bearded one up stairs.

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