Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Without Fear

I'm sure a dream interpreter would have a field day with this one:

I was driving along a quiet country road when i came to a T-intersection. I wasn’t sure whether to turn left or right but quickly decided to turn left and started heading north. I then realised i was heading in the wrong direction and made a u-turn. Soon after passing the intersection i came across a beautiful spot near the top of the mountain. There was a large flowing river with aqua-marine coloured water flowing down the mountain. I could see the road was slow and winding down the mountain so i decide to leave the car behind and dive into the river.

As a lay in the water floating down the river it occurred to me the water was getting faster and rougher and it was likely there would be a waterfall up ahead. I could hear a sound in the distance that made me quite sure this was the case. I had plenty of time to get out but then figured “its only a dream, lets have some fun – if I die I’ll just wake up with a bit of a start”. You know that uncomfortable, disoriented feeling you get if you die in a dream...

Shortly afterwards, the pace quickened then i found myself dropping over a massive waterfall. Strangely, there was no sense of falling or any fear at all. Eventually I hit the water below and sunk quickly to the bottom from the speed of the drop. I then looked up at the surface and pushed off towards the substantial distance to the surface. I recall regretting not taking a large breath before hitting the water and it would going to be touch and go but i made it to the surface with a second to spare. I struggled to the shore and collapsed trying to catch my breath. I was aware of people walking by and probably wondering what the hell i was doing. I fond myself giggling at the insanity but pure thrill of what I’d done.

When i eventually recovered i started jogging back up the path to the top of the mountain to retrieve my car. After some time i got to where I’d left the car and noticed a parking ticket on the windscreen. I laughed at seeing this as i didn’t expect I’d be returning to the car after going over the waterfall.
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