Saturday, April 16, 2011

State of play

These guys offer an $8 sign-up without a deposit required. Could be fun to try and grind it into a bankroll.

Stars is still business as usual. Unfortunately my bankroll is $3.50 there. :/

Full Tilt is down. I hope they don't go under as I built a nice bankroll there playing Rush. Apparently their I.T stuffed up royally:

Full Tilt messed up. Their software update application will not work with the redirection of to the FBI. Thus, anyone, in the US or otherwise, who has the updated DNS settings, will get a failure when attempting to get the update.
Those that get the update will notice that if they go to, they still get the normal website.
Full Tilt is now completely screwed because they can no longer issue software updates.

I did read that it's still possible to update the client via the U.K. website which I plan to try.


Update: Yep, downloaded the FTP client from the U.K and could log in.

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